Italian Adventure

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Day 1

Arrival in Rome with its over 2,500 glorious years of history, a city which occupies an incomparable place in civilization, a city full of elegant beauty. Rome, the more you know it, the more you love it. Welcome to Rome-la Citta Eterna-the Eternal city!

Upon arrival at Rome´s Airport a private vehicle and Driver will be waiting to take you to your charming accommodation, Hotel Gran Melia Rome, 5*GL, where you will spend the next three nights. It is a place where the mystique of Rome’s distant past entwines with the most refined modern luxury. This splendorous hotel is set on the banks of the River Tiber, on the site of archaeological remains belonging to the original Villa Agrippina, owned by a famous Roman empress.

After you settle in your comfortable lodgings -a Premium Room- and enjoy a refreshing rest you will be able to take a leisurely stroll in the Hotel´s privileged neighborhood and enjoy if that is your wish a typical roman dinner in any of the restaurants that abound in the area. Enjoy!

At 3:30pm, you will be collected from your hotel for a truly roman experience: a driving tour of Rome, with a private driver in another of the city´s icons, a Fiat500 – This tour does not include tickets or interior visits to any site, but it will serve as an orientation tour to get situated in the city, and also give you a different and enchanting view of it´s many privileged sites. You will drive in style along the ancient basalt roadways, cross the enormous squares and rev your way up the famous hills to savor the cupola-dotted panorama that stretches all the way to the Sabine Hills and Mount Terminillo. You will travel alongside the Aurelian Walls and the River Tiber, passing through the ancient, monumental city gates. You´ll drink from the Roman fountains that to this day provide the city with the best public water supply in Italy and visit the Aventine Hill and its orange garden, the time-honoured Appian Way and the remains of ancient Roman aqueducts and baths…The journey will end around 6:30 pm near Rome´s most famous landmark: the Colosseum.

Dinner reservations have been made at Vino e Camino for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 2

After breakfast, spend the morning at leisure.

In the afternoon, reservations for lunch have been made at Il Clementini for 1:30 pm (own account).

After lunch you will be collected for a private 3 hours tour that will begin at 2:30 p.m. (meeting point Arco di Constantino) you will become acquainted with the wonders and mysteries of the Colosseum the massive stone amphitheater that remains an iconic symbol of Rome and it´s long tumultuous history and also with the magical legacy of Imperial Rome where the Emperor came to be looked upon as a god at the peak of the empire´s prosperity.


Day 3

You don´t have to be a lover of art, a connoisseur of priceless objects d´art, a history buff or a specially religious soul to be drawn by the magnificent beauty of this enclave tucked inside of Rome-The Vatican! A unique collection of artistic and architectural masterpieces lie within it´s boundaries.

An early morning start- pick up at your hotel at 07:15 am– is well worth the effort if one considers the countless treasures that await to be enjoyed. During a small group, early morning tour, before the crowds rush in, you will be able to wander in awe through the Vatican´s many treasures: the monumental St. Peter´s Square, the magnificence that dwells in the Vatican Museums, the heart of one of the holiest sites in the world that is St. Peter´s Basilica…You will revel in the masterworks of uncountable artists among which Leonardo and Michelangelo reign supreme, absorb the spirituality of the temple crowned by the spectacular Dome, the utter perfection of Bernini´s canopy, …well worth an early morning start!

Rest of the day free for some last minute shopping. From the prestigious promenade of Via dei Condotti – home to the most prestigious fashion brands and designer labels such as Gucci, Dior, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, or at the independent boutiques of Via Vittorio Veneto, a charming boulevard that showcases some truly unique and special stores (authentic Italian boutiques, handmade clothing and intricate embroidered household linens can be found here) and last but not least Via del Corso a bustling thoroughfare lined with a wealth of designer boutiques and leading international brands such as Zara, H&M, Massimo Dutti and Pinko… Rome is a great place to shop for designer labels, jewelry, unique souvenirs…to your hearts content! If shopping is not your forte a great alternative would be savoring a flavorful Italian gelatto or idly strolling through cobble stoned roman streets and getting lost in hidden corners that have yet to be discovered…The possibilities are endless!

Dinner reservations have been made at Veranda for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 4

Time to bid farewell to Roma and depart on a new road of discovery that will lead you to Tuscany. After an early breakfast you will be collected from your hotel at 9:30 am for a private Transfer Tour that will take you to Siena along winding Tuscan roads where you will come upon vistas that will take your breath away,..A scenery so colorful and bright that you´ll have to shield your eyes: graceful flowers softly swaying in the warm Tuscan breeze, gentle green hills lolling under the friendly Tuscan sun, picturesque stone farmhouses, grape laden vines and rows of olive groves, proud lines of cypress trees, medieval hilltop fortresses, etc…A veritable kaleidoscope of elegant grace!

Lunch will take place in the heart of the renowned Brunello wine region where an en route stop at one of the best wineries will allow you to enjoy a tasty and typical Italian lunch paired with a flavorful Brunello wine tasting. After such a scrumptious meal you will continue to traverse the Tuscan countryside to your final destination Siena, where you will be lodged at the most charming Frances´ Lodge for the next three nights – a country guest house set on a hill across from Siena and with unbelievable views over the walled city. Upon arrival Frances and her husband will welcome you effusively and accompany you to your romantic room –the White Room- with it´s antique embroidery, crochet work and canopy of handmade lace that will no doubt enchant you.

Dinner reservations have been made at Frances Lodge for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 5

After breakfast, you will be picked up at 9:30 am for your private tour of the Abbey of San Gagnano. Another day of discovery that will take you along the verdant Tuscan countryside dotted with gently rolling hillsides, flower filled fields, historic ruins, ancient roads and pilgrimage routes, continuous up and down contoured landscapes, saffron hued fields, broad plains, rustic stone farmhouses, Renaissance villages, devoted shrines, religious abbeys and monasteries, …all will form part of the day´s canvas comprised of breathtaking images that will no doubt delight your retina.

Tuscany will welcome you with its autumn colors in soft shades of red and yellow. The autumn season is especially wondrous with stunning fall foliage, as well as being the high season for food – truffles and mushrooms, chestnuts, chocolate and nougat… nature´s bounty at its highest!

In Tuscany you will be witness to the glory of the past, a past which doesn’t seem to be all that distant here. There’s something about the Tuscan countryside that is perfect for recharging one’s emotional batteries. From panoramic vistas to shadowed lanes in hilltop towns, Tuscany is a feast for the senses, and the perfect antidote to the bustle and chaos of modern city life.

Tuscany was evidently at the front of the queue when things of beauty were handed out.

Lunch reservations have been made at Antica Osteria Divo for 1:30 pm (own account).


Day 6

Siena: walled Siena, medieval Sienna, elegant Siena, ancient Siena, waits patiently her turn to be discovered, known and enjoyed, After enjoying Frances´ scrumptious breakfast, at 10:10 am your Driver will pick you up at the Lodge and take you to the city center where you will join a small group of fellow travelers that will accompany you during another 2 hours tour of discovery in the company of an expert guide.

You will step back in time to become acquainted with one of the best preserved medieval towns in Italy. Siena is built on a starfish of hills that overlook Tuscany and the burnt sienna hues of it´s buildings beautifully compliment the almost luminous green of the undulating landscape. With swirling narrow streets, pink and orange buildings, jutted brown roof tiles and enormous churches around every corner, Siena is quaint, romantic and packed with personality. In a town where Palazzos, piazzas and churches abound all the major highlights are within easy reach: the Campo, the large shell-shaped public square at the heart of the city, home of the Palio horse race, is perhaps the most impressive central square in Italy.

The striped Duomo of Siena’s Santa Maria´s Cathedral is as distinctive as any in Tuscany. The combination of the Duomo’s intricate detail of the interior, the exquisite Roman-gothic front and striped green and white marble facades make this one of Italy’s architectural masterpieces.

After lunch on your own you will have the afternoon free to explore this charming town with it´s 17 “contrades” or neighbourhoods each of which is named after an animal or symbol and experience the friendly hospitality of its people at your pace and leisure.

Dinner reservations have been made at Tre Cristri Enoteca for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 7

Time to bid farewell to Siena as your journey of discovery continues to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. At 10:00 am your private Driver will pick you up and after Frances´ equally effusive farewell will drive you towards the elegance of Florence where uncountable treasures await to be discovered…

In Florence you will be accommodated at Gran Hotel Minerva, 4*, where you will spend the next three nights, located in the historic city center and just a short walk away form the city´s main attractions and shopping areas. You will be comfortably lodged in a double deluxe room with peering views over the nearby piazza.

After check in takes place and a short break for lunch on your own at any of the many nearby restaurants at 2:30 pm you will meet your private expert guide in the Hotel lobby and commence to become acquainted with the real charm of Florence during a 3 hour walking tour.

This thriving Tuscan city is home to rich artistic and cultural gems:Ponte Vechio, Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Museum, Piazzale Michelangelo, Duomo,… amongst many more will all take your breath away. Art is such a huge part of Florence that it’s often dubbed a living museum. Da Vinci and Michelangelo are its most famous sons but over the centuries it has also attracted the likes of many others with its mesmerizing sunsets, its magnificent Duomo, it´s uncountable artistic treasures.

Once your artistic appetite had been sated it may be time to indulge in some shopping Florence despite its small size, is an incredible place to shop, Apart from all the big brands and local markets, Florence has shops that are treasures, unique to the fabric of the city and a real joy to discover.

Dinner reservations have been made at Il Santo Bevitore for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 8

After breakfast, you will be collected at 9:30 am for your private transfer to Pisa. Pisa does not only have the beautiful tower, which does lean… it is also home to the beautiful plaza where the tower is set…it is also the birthplace of Galileo…The leaning tower of Pisa is a treasure in it´s own right: a beautiful edification in a breathtaking piazza –Piazza dei Miracoli (Plaza of Miracles). You will have the exciting opportunity of climbing the worn, marble stairs and reach the Bell Level –where you may admire the beautiful bells. If you wish to continue climbing even higher to the very top you will have the privilege of admiring the stunning views- mountains off in one direction, the Arno in another, and far in the distance the sea is sometimes visible. You will be able to look down on the equally beautiful Duomo and impressive Baptistery .

After the experience of Pisa you will travel to Lucca, the city of 100 churches, where you will become acuainted with its hidden, mysterious treasures and glimpse its artistic beauties. From the outside Lucca may portray a fierce military air but from the inside all is graceful piazzas, Pisan Romanesque churches and elegant buildings.You will walk along the sturdy defensive city walls, Lucca’s most distinctive element that overlook a city full of secret corners; stroll along the tiny streets of the old city center with its secret passages, hideaways and ramparts that hold the historical memory of a city that has much to tell.

Dinner reservations have been made at Taverne del Bronzino for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 9

Free day in which to explore the city at your own pace and leisure.

Maybe some last minute shopping..indulging in a fashionable shopping spree in Florence is an easy feat. Although Milan is the nerve center of Italian fashion the cradle is Florence, the place where Italy awakened to the fashion industry in 1951 when Count Giorgoni offered his elegant Florentine palace as the setting for a glamorous fashion show. Florence will offer you top notch brands and shops, fashionable and trendy outlets, traditional artisan shops…In short, a wide array of products will make your delight: rich leathers in beautiful textures and colors, beautiful, tasteful embellished shoes and purses, breathtaking elegant outfits…Florence, where both window shopping and shopping are considered an art!!!

Florence’s magnificent museums offer plenty of food for the soul but it also offers plenty of delicious food for the body. So, another desirable possibility to consider is taking the opportunity to taste the rich culinary offer available- if you care to give a try to some pecorino cheese (fresh or aged) or ricciarelli (almond biscuits) and many other tasty delicatessen bites.. you will not be let down,… Florentine cuisine is just yummy delicious!

In short there are countless opportunities at your disposal…and all ensure a marvelous day to enjoy at your own pace and leisure.

Dinner reservations have been made at La Giostra for 8:00 pm (own account).


Day 10

After breakfast, you will be collected from your hotel for your private transfer to the airport for your 10:05 am flight back to the states taking home with you priceless memories of an incredible Italian adventure!


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