In 2013, LightSpeed started working with Southern Destinations, a toursim company who needed a WordPress site that could showcase tours and allow their clients to search for information.
While working with them, we discovered that there is a need for engaging content and relevant information on travel websites. We also realised that tourism professionals need automatically updated content so that they can focus on their clients. Other than engaging content, tourism professionals also needed a travel website which allows them to easily manage the features on their site.

How did LightSpeed find a solution to the need?

During the process of working on Southern Destinations, we worked closely with Wetu – a company providing an online travel and tourism database – to pull travel content from their system into the Southern Destinations website. But this wasn’t where our relationship with Wetu ended.
Wetu and LightSpeed partnered up to fulfill this need by combining our services into one product. This product is called Bootstrap Tourism. Bootstrap Tourism entials LightSpeed developing a WordPress website. We add certain functionalities like Search, Destinations, Activities, Deal Management, Accommodation and Travel Styles. Wetu then provides a comprehensive tour collection database which we connect to the WordPress travel website.


With a Bootstrap Tourism website, travel companies can provide the latest travel and tourism information to their visitors. They can also display this information in the best manner possible and manage their content with a simple WordPress content management system.