Social share buttons can do a lot to help your travel company make a greater impact online. By adding share buttons to your website, your content can reach more people and drive more traffic to your website.

4 Reasons to Add Social Share Buttons Now

If you don’t have social share buttons on your blog posts and web pages, here are 4 reasons start adding them to your travel website today:

Free Marketing

You might be tempted to think that social share buttons do not improve business. But if you think about it, social sharing is actually a form of free advertising. Shares, likes and tweets expose your brand to more people just like word of mouth. The fact that people are sharing positive messages about your business also helps build trust in your brand.

Greater Brand Exposure

Nowadays, millions of people are using social networking sites. Therefore, when someone shares your content on his or her Facebook or Twitter page, many new people are going to see it. On top of that, people who like the content that was shared will share it with their friends, exposing your brand even further.

Increased Website Traffic

When people share your content, they often share it with people who will be interested in the content. As a result, social share buttons help your content reach your target audiences. By reaching the right audiences, you will be able to pull more traffic to your website. This will help to improve business, as every new person who visits your website will be a potential customer.

Improved User Experience

What’s great is that social share buttons make it easy for website visitors to share your content. All that they need to do is click on a button and the content is shared immediately. They don’t have to waste time by opening a new window and logging into their Facebook or Twitter account in order to share your content. By making the sharing process easy, you’ll help ensure that your content gets shared.


Social share buttons are important when it comes to helping your travel business make an impact online. Adding share buttons to your website helps exposes your content to more people, increase website traffic and improve user experience.