Having currency converter tools on your tourism website is very important when trying to keep your customers interested. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why your tourism website should have an in-built currency converter and I’ll also show you an example of such a website.

Importance of a currency converter on your website

You’re a travel agent or tour operator originating in South Africa. Your target audience is anyone who travels to South Africa. When a customer visits your tourism website, the first thing that they would like to do is to find tours or accommodation suited to their holiday needs. Thereafter they will look at prices and they will want to know exactly how much they are going to spend when making a purchase.
While looking at prices, they realise the tours are displayed in South African Rands, but they would prefer to view them in American Dollars. If your website doesn’t provide them with an automated currency converter system, they will need to manually work out how much it’s going to cost and this can be difficult with fluctuating currencies. Customers shopping around for a travel experience will want to know if it falls into their budget without having to first work it out.
Furthermore, when a customer can view prices in their own currency, it leaves a good impression. They are more likely to consider what you have to offer because they can compare it to market prices.

An example website

Southern Destinations is a tourism company which aims to attract international customers to Africa. Their website is great example of a tourism website using a currency converter. When you go into any of their offerings, you will see a dropdown menu where users can choose their prefered currency. They offer currencies in American Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and South African Rands.
currency converter
Their currency converter system automatically grabs the latest exchange rates from a real-time open exchange rates database. As a result, they never have to worry about manually editing their prices when exchange rates change.


Working out measurements such as kilometers to miles is difficult for most of us, and in the same way people have trouble with working out currencies. Your website doesn’t need a currency conversion for every existing currency type,  it only needs to provide your target audience with the tools that would make their travel shopping experience easier.