Johannesburg – A Visitor’s Art and Entertainment Guide

Johannesburg is a massive, sprawling, land-locked city that hasn’t been on the radar for international tourists as a must-see destination. But that is quickly changing. Johannesburg’s vibrant food and art scene are drawing many people each year who are discovering the city’s hidden gems. Johannesburg now offers tourists incredible food, beautiful marketplaces, and a rich history, making it an exciting destination.

Food – All tried and tested by Africa Travel Centre

Johannesburg offers an incredible selection of delicious food, that can fit any budget. With so many influences from all over the continent, as well as an incredible local diversity, Johannesburg is a food lover’s paradise. Take advantage of your time in Johannesburg by tasting many of the bold flavors that such a diverse melting pot creates.

Spiceburg –  South African-Indian food is fabulous, with such dishes like bunny chow being a South African-Indian classic. Spiceburg is some of the best Indian food in Johannesburg, located in the suburb of Greenside

Mozambik – Mozambican food is seafood done right; with lots of spices and rich flavors, much like paella. Mozambik is an affordable restaurant that has several locations around Johannesburg, and serves consistently good food.

The Local Grill – Located in the suburb of Parktown, the Local Grill serves up phenomenal steaks.

Pize e Vino – Located in several locations around Johannesburg. The location at the Rosebank Mall, just steps from the Gautrain, is a perfect outdoor lunch spot, serving very tasty Italian style dishes.

Salvation Café – Be sure to check out Salvation café, tucked away in the suburb of Milpark. A perfect bunch or lunch spot, with café-style mains and a beautiful ambience.

Whippet Café – Perfect for breakfast for brunch, the whippet does great coffee, amazing breakfast, and fabulous baked goods

Moyo – Moyo has two locations, but the Zoo Lake location is great for its scenery and is beautifully situated in Zoo Lake Park. Moyo is a unique take on traditional African dishes.

Hudsons – A trendy burger joint located in the beautiful suburb of Parkhurst, serving burgers that will leave you happy. Great for lunch or dinner and won’t break the bank.

Koi – Located in the middle of Nelson Mandela Square, Koi is a sleek and elegant ambience to dine in, serving up Asian food with Thai and Japannese influences.

Great markets, art galleries, and places to wander around:

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Located just outside of the hustle and bustle of the center of the city, The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens is a fantastic hidden gem, which feels like you are way out in the countryside. A mind-blowing collection of plants native to South Africa, along with a waterfall.

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Wits University’s Origins Centre Museum

A beautiful museum featuring exhibitions on the history of early humans in Africa, including ancient rock art, with audio tours. A fascinating place to spend an afternoon.

The Goodman Gallery

Dating back to 1966, the Goodman Gallery is one of the longest standing contemporary art galleries in the country. Aiming to shift perspectives and create a social transformation, the Goodman Gallery is a must-see for art lovers.

First Thursdays 

First Thursdays is a free, public event that consists of art galleries and cultural events around Johannesburg that stay open until 9pm or later, the First Thursday of every month. This allows everyone to explore the city on foot and experience the cultural wealth the city has to offer. There is no tour, schedule, or guided walk; that is up to you. A great way to see a lot of African art in one night!

For more information visit their website.

Neighbourgoods Market

In the heart of the city is the Neighbourgoods Market. Open every Saturday from 9am to 3pm, this market covers two floors and is filled with craft beer and cocktails, artisanal food and plenty of things to buy. For more information visit their website.

Arts and Market On Main

Arts and Market on Main Street is in the middle of Johannesburg, between 10am and 3pm, and the first Thursday of every month between 7pm and 11pm. Arts and Market on Main is open for you to get your fix of fine food and great design. From stunning clothing and accessories to gourmet eats, they’ve got it all.

For more information, visit their website.

Rosebank Finders Keepers Market

Rosebank’s rooftop flea market is filled to the brim with African crafts, international foods, clothing, hobbies, collectables and antiques. You can spend the entire Sunday walking in and out of the rows of stalls, just browsing. There really is something for everyone here!

For more information, visit their website.

Bryanston Organic Market

Bryanston Organic Market offers you interesting art, clothing, handmade crafts, the freshest organic and naturally grown fruit and vegetables, and delicious food. Every Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 3pm, located in the suburb of Bryanston.

For more information, visit their website.