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The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy offering four fascinating countries all rolled into one easily accessible and remarkably diverse island nation. Comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK contains more heritage, per square mile, than any other nation in the world. It is also blessed with vast, sprawling areas of picturesque countryside, long stretches of rugged coastline, and some of most the dynamic, multicultural cities in the world. With the quaint medieval villages of the Cotswolds, the impressive architecture of the Canterbury Cathedral, the endless cultural delights of London and Edinburgh, and the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK offers enough variety to satisfy travellers from all walks of life. Whether you are keen to explore massive national parks such as the Yorkshire Dales or Dartmoor, the charming seaside resorts of Blackpool and Bournemouth, or the unlimited supply of wonderful British pubs, there is plenty to keep you blissfully engaged during your time in this extraordinarily diverse nation.

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Electrical sockets in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are Type G (BS-1363)  If your appliance’s plug doesn’t match the shape…

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Currency The currency of the United Kingdom is the Pound (GBP; symbol £) = 100 pence. Notes are in denominations of £50, £20, £10 and £5. Additional…

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Iconic cakes, splendid sandwiches and heart-warming stews all hail from the United Kingdom. Don’t miss tea and cake or, for a fancy occasion, try the full-blown…

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There is never a bad time to visit the United Kingdom, but for the most reliable weather come during the summer months (June-August) when the days are…

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Flying between cities within the United Kingdom is both easy and accessible. British Airways operates a shuttle service from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow,…

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Warm clothing is advisable at all times and is essential for any visit to the upland areas. Waterproof clothing is advised throughout the year. 

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Full of natural beauty and regal architecture Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh is a city that leaves traveler’s feeling enchanted. Walk where royalty lived in Edinburgh Castle in…

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Fort William

Situated on the shores of Loch Linnhe, the Scottish town of Fort William has a reputation as the outdoor capital of the United Kingdom. It is…

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Resting on the banks of Loch Portree in the Isle of Skye, Portree is the largest village in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Overlooking the sparkling…

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