Set on the northern banks of the Dead Sea in Jordan, the town of Swemeh (or Sweimeh) offers its visitors a holiday paradise of luxury resorts, hotels and spas. Sunbathe on soft sandy beaches, indulge in massages and body treatments, or learn (or take part in) an array of outdoor sports. Activities on offer include hot air ballooning, skydiving, microliter trips, and floating in the salty water. The water’s high level of salt makes floating on one’s back much easier (but watch out- normal swimming is difficult). Attractions nearby include the historic Mount Nebo; the ‘City of Mosaics’; the sacred ‘Lot’s Cave’, and the ‘Baptism Site’ where it is believed Jesus was baptised; the Dead Sea Museum; the wonderful series of hot springs and waterfalls at Hammamat Ma'in; and the Mujib Reserve, home to incredible birdlife and the spectacular Jordan Grand Canyon and waterfall.

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