Torres del Paine National Park

The gnarly-looking peaks of Torres del Paine National Park are home to the elusive puma, but even if you don’t manage to spot one of these big cats, you won’t be short of breathtaking sights. Beneath the three tallest mountains, which give the Park its name, is a fantasy landscape of golden grasslands (or pampas), mirror-like lakes, and turquoise-coloured ice bergs calving from immense glaciers.The 900 square miles of the Park contain some of the world’s best hiking trails – just remember to watch your step, as you’re likely to be far too busy looking up at the soaring mountains. As the sun sets at the end of the day, the peaks glow gold and orange as they catch the last rays, and you’re bound to experience both a deep sense of inner calm, and hard-to-contain excitement all at once.Many destinations in the world are described as ‘pristine’ and ‘remote’ but few are more deserving of these tags. And to cap it all, Torres del Paine has wonderfully bizarre wildlife too: guanacos, flightless rheas, and the wonderfully named chimango caracara.

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