Located within the neighborhood of majestic houses of the Rabat medina, the diversity and richness of the areas "Dar Bargach", named by its builder and original occupant, is a distinguished model that relates the way of living of the noble families in the traditional "Rbatie" society. Deep in a finite alley and under a "Saba" (porch) stands an exemplarily grand ornate door of imposing proportions. The front door is in this type of residence, the main marking element, which indicates the social rank of the occupants. The outside -inward passage occurs via a buffer space "the Stwan". Each of the rooms offers a varied yet original taste in decoration and extreme refinement, with majestic ceilings crafted of "gheyza wood", solid inlaid vintage wood and a contemporary design. Choose from Deluxe rooms, Junior Suites and a Senior Suite. The pool Jacuzzi is located on the terrace of the riad, and offers stunning and unprecedented views of the Rabat medina while overlooking the Hassan Tower, Mausoleum. You will not only enjoy the tranquility, vibrant colors, and fragrant aromas, but also indulge in the incredible sunlight that Rabat offers. The traditional hammam, decorated with marble, is located on the terrace overlooking the Rabat medina, and offers exceptional moments of relaxation and unique views of the city.

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