Explora Atacama

Explora Atacama is located in the Ayllu de Larache near the village of San Pedro de Atacama. The 17-hectare grounds comprise 20 indigenous plots, some with timeworn pathways and buildings that Explora is committed to preserving out of a profound respect for the area’s original inhabitants.Surrounded by foxtail plants and lush native vegetation are four, interconnected, ambient-temperature pools – ideal for relaxing, building back strength and enjoying the deep desert silence. Near the pools are sauna and steam bath facilities as well as open-air Jacuzzis.Just a short walk from the lodge is Quincho – an inviting BBQ area that includes a renovated, old traditional adobe house and its patio. Here, two to three times a week, all guests can get together for a feast accompanied by Andean music, song and dance performances by accomplished local artists.

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Catur Suite

4 Catur suites measuring 50m² (538 feet²). With balconies and views of the countryside.


27 Yali rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²). Views of the desert landscape.


19 Tulur rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²). Views of the Cordillera de La Sal, or Salt Mountains.