The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

Opened in February 2014 as the first luxury urban resort in Japan, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto sits serenely on the banks of the Kamogawa river, with sweeping views of the famous Higashiyama mountains. The resort features 134 guest rooms and suites, four restaurants and bars, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, and four different types of banquet rooms ranging from corporate dinners, to meetings, exhibitions and private events. The resort also boasts a unique partnership with Pierre Hermé Paris, creator of Haute Pàtisserie, showcasing popular creations and introducing an exclusive range of signature desserts. Blending the centuries old traditions and rich culture of Japan's ancient capital with modern luxury, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto brings to life the cultural heart of Japan. The hotel is in close proximity to Kyoto's popular downtown areas including Gion, Pontocho and the city's retail and entertainment district.

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Deluxe Room

Deluxe rooms are compact, simple and functional.Yet, it contains precisely calculated design which combines traditional beauty of Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, with sense of Modernism.Even though the rooms are at least 45sq m. in size or bigger, the rates are reasonably priced for you to try out an exceptional experience at The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto . Rooms on the 2FL even has private Japanese Garden to make you forget you are in a middle of a big city and brings you a feeling of peacefulness of Old Japan.There are two pairs of connecting rooms (King/King NonSmoking) available on the 3rd floor.

Deluxe Garden

All the rooms are facing inward to the 'Nakaniwa' an inner-courtyard of the the hotel.You will enjoy our Japanese rock garden, originally designed with white pebbles, moss, pines and bamboo.The scene changes in every season and itss serene peacefulness make you forget that you are in a middle of a big city and take you away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.Rooms are at least 50sq.m., which is spacious enough for you to relax and enjoy the luxury.Big windows facing East side will bring you a soft light of the morning sun.


All the rooms are facing East to the Komogawa-River and Higashiyama Mt., which is famous for its great bonfire. The marvelous scenery shows completely different beauty in each season, all of which you will enjoy without a doubt.The spacious and functional room with such significant view symbolizes the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto.At the Luxury Kamogawa room, the stream of Kamogawa-river, along with the magnificent view of Higashiyama is just overwhelming, yet it will provide the sense of healing and relaxation.In the morning, you will enjoy the morning sun, raising over Higashiyama Mt. Some of the rooms on 2nd floor even let you out on to its private balcony that you may feel the fresh air of Kamogawa River.There are connecting rooms(Double/Twin[3rms) or Twin/Twin[3rms]) available for family stay.

Garden Suite

A small suite that is one and only in The Ritz Carlton Kyoto.It may be small, but is quite functional and comfortable that you can make yourself right at home.It has its very own private Japanese Garden with stone lantern, which you can enjoy form either a love chair in the living room or the bedroom. It gives you a feeling as if you are in one of 'Kyo Machiya(Traditional Kyoto style town house)'. You can relax and enjoy 'Kyoto' just being in the room

Garden Terrace Suite

The first step you take into this room, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the Traditional Japanese Garden right outside of all the rooms. You can enjoy the Japanese Garden and view of Higashiyama Mt., which is famous for its great bonfire in Autumn, from any part of the luxurious suite.The rooms are located on the highest floor of the hotel. You can go out on to the private terrace area where you can sit at a terrace table to enjoy a morning sun coming out of Higashiyama Mt. or maybe a afternoon tea looking down at Kamogawa river with ducks and other river birds.You can enjoy the luxurious view of Kyoto and relax in our suite type room.

Garden Terrace Suite TATAMI

Additional to the beautiful scenery and luxury of Garden Terrace Suite, Garden Terrace Suite Tatami provides a Japanese Tatami Room. Instead of Bed, you get to try our fine Japanese Futon to experience the Real Japanese style. With the view of Japanese Garden and Higashiyama Mt., You will feel like you are in a Kyo-Machiya.

Corner Suite TATAMI

Spacious Suite of 100sq.m., designed to bring out the ambience of traditional Kyoto. Wooden paneled walls and floorings. Wooden ceiling with delicate marquetry design, along with classic style Japanese furniture, make you feel like you are in a Traditional Japanese mansion. The modern living room with touch of Kyoto offers a view of Kyoto City and glimps of Kamogawa River.Traditional Japanese Tatami room where you will be able to use fine Japanese Futon to sleep. Also, the bathtub is made of cypress to give you an ultimate relaxation with the aroma of wood.You will enjoy the art and delicate designe of this fine suite.

Corner Suite KITA

This special corner suite is located on the north end of the building.It has a close view of Kamogawa-River with beautiful willow trees along it. You can also enjoy the Higashiyama Mt. which will offer you completely different and beautiful scenery in each season.The spacious living room has its own half bathroom. You can enjoy the scenery and relax, and also, it is perfect for a small business briefings too.The bed room finely designed with woods and Japanese motif, where you can also enjoy the view of Kamogawa-river and Higashiyama Mt., will bring you the ultimate relaxation

Corner Suite MINAMI

This Spacious Suite takes up the south end part of the hotel.It offers you a three completely different views.You will enjoy traditional Kyoto scenery of row of houses with Japanese tile roofs on Most of South and West side.On the Southside also see beautiful ginkgo trees along the street, which changes its color to brilliant yellow in fall.To the East, you will enjoy the view of Kamogawa River and Higashiyama Mt. which will also offer you a breathtaking scenery in each season.Addition to the spacious and comfortable living room, this Suite has a dining table which you can either enjoy your meal or use it for business purposes.


Located on just about center part of the East side of the hotel, its unique shape offers you a living area devided into separate section with completely different features.Mid part of the living room is more calm and is dimmer with writing desk. From The Easst part of it, Sunshines through the large window on to the L-Shaped comfortable sofa. You will enjoy the scenery which changes completely and beautifully in each season. The spacious and luxurious western style bed room with touch of Traditional Japanese design offers you a beautiful view of Kamagawa River and HIgashiyama Mt. You will wake up to the sun rise from the mountain.


Name of this one and only Special Suite means 'Viewing of the Moon'. From the outside terrace area, you can see and feel the magnificent Higashiyama Mt, which is famous for its great bonfire. It also has its own Japanese garden on two sides. With the modern style living room with subtle Japanese touch in its design and view of Higashiyama and Japanese Garden gives you a feeling like you are in a traditional yet classy Kyoto Mansion.The dining room with, also, a Japanese garden right outside, is perfect for both formal dining and business meetings.Spacious yet functional Bed Room will guarantee you a relaxing night and rising sun light will give you a pleasant wake up call.Spacious 'Tsukimi dai', a moon viewing Deck is W6.06m x D4.0m

The Ritz-Carlton Suite

This Most luxurious Room of The Ritz Carlton Kyoto is also one of the most luxurious suite in Kyoto.With the gorgeous scenery of Kamogawa River and Higashiyama Mt.,The spacious and classy living room is sprinkled with fine art works and even equipped with a fire place. The terrace area right outside also has stylish fire place along with long sofa and table with lounge chair. You can enjoy the fabulous Sun rise in the morning, soft twilight in the evening, and stars at night.The spacious bed room with serene interior will give you an ultimate relaxation.The private dining room is perfect for both intimate dining or private meetings.As stylish and classy as it is, you will find traditional Kyoto taste in all over.